My husband and I adopted our daughter, Hannah, from Kazakhstan in August 2004.  We were in a remote location and had very little Internet access.  My website that I had spent nearly 3 months creating, was not going to get updated from where we were.  Fortunately, I was able to send out e-mails from there that contained my journal and my pictures.  My best friend, Suzanne, took this information and updated my pages for me so that our family and friends could still follow along.

Because of our problems, this website has been my brainchild since we returned.  There are many families who would love to do a website while they are in Kazakhstan, but are unable to do so for various reasons.  I wanted to offer a service that will make staying in touch with those left behind much easier, both financially and logistically.  This way, they can focus on what's really important, their child(ren)!

This website will also help generate funds for the children left behind.  A percentage of each fee will be donated directly back to Kazakhstan.  Additionally, there are links if you would like to make a tax-free donation on behalf of those children who still have not found their Mommy and Daddy yet.

If you are interested in using my site to host your "trip of  lifetime",
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Thank you for your interest in journeytokaz.  I consider
it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve you
during this special time in your life.