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Two years ago on New Year’s Day, I completed my adoption registration form, ceremoniously walked to the nearest post office box, and with a prayer dropped my envelope into the shoot.  Although I have wanted to be a Mom since I could cradle a baby doll in my arms and have considered adoption for several years, I knew that once I made the decision to move forward, I would do whatever it takes to find my forever child. And so, the journey began.

I have spent oodles of time preparing for this incredible experience. Sometimes it has been joyful and fun, and sometimes it has been frustrating and confusing. Always it has been worth it. I have spent hours researching and reading about adoption, talking to people from near and far (it’s amazing how many people have a connection to adoption and are willing to share), toiling over paperwork, making plans, learning about Kazakhstan, posing questions, and waiting, waiting, waiting. I have also been praying and dreaming. 

Who is this little girl who is coming into my life? Will she be outgoing or shy? Will she love the dramatic arts like I do, or will she be drawn to sports, or both?  Will she devour books or prefer numbers? Of course, the answers to these questions are completely irrelevant, as I will love her from the bottom of my heart whoever she is, and I will be there for her always. 

Every time I think of bringing my daughter home from Kazakhstan, I am awed that I’m going to be a Mom (a single one at that!) and will be adding a precious family member to the Boccini clan. I am enormously blessed with a loving, supportive and fun family that has always celebrated the diversity and beauty of our heritage, which is Spanish, French and Italian. Through adoption, we have added Paraguayan and Russian to the mix, and now we will add Kazakh. How exciting! What a gift for this American family!

I believe that each of us has a purpose in life, and that God leads us to where we need to be.  I feel I am being called to be a Mom and to go to KZ to find my little angel. And I am ready (well, at least as ready as I’ll ever be!).

It has been said that with adoption a child does not grow under your heart, but in it. How very true. With the coming of my daughter into my life, my heart – which is already skipping with excitement – will be truly overflowing with love.

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