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November 10, 2008

Countdown to Court, Day 3

Emilia was definitely having an off morning, which was clear the minute I tried to feed her.  Em usually opens her mouth like a little chick when you put the spoon to her lips, but today she really made a fuss.  Although I’ve seen her fussy moods before, they are rare, and you can usually snap her out of them with a little distraction.  However, today it appeared that she wasn’t feeling well.  The baby nurse tried to feed her, too, and she still fussed.  I know Emilia is teething, and she must have been very uncomfortable this morning. I also think she was having some tummy troubles. 

When I returned in the afternoon, it was like I was handed an entirely different baby.  Emilia was back to her usual happy self.  We started off with bubbles, and I was pleased to see that she was more interested in them today. She actually tried to reach for them and blow on the stick (O.K, eat the stick).  Then we moved on to the playroom, where there is a giant pit filled with multi-colored balls. Em and I have thrown around balls in the past, but we’ve never actually sat in the ball pit. Today we decided to give it a go.

As I was getting into the pit, I heard a huge pop!  I don’t know who was most surprised – Emilia, Aliya or me. I thought I had sat on and popped one of the huge balls in the pit and was horrified! However, what happened was that there was one balloon in the pit, and I happened to land on it.  Aliya and I couldn’t stop laughing, as I picked up the slivers of green balloon off the floor. Emilia, too, seemed to be amused by my silly antics.

We spent about 45 minutes playing with all the balls and having a good time.  Emilia loved the different colors and textures and was fascinated when I made the balls move with my feet.  She’s got a good grip and kept reaching for a new ball to touch or bite.  Aliya played photographer, and I think she got some wonderful pictures of our playtime.

You may be wondering why Emilia is wearing a pink girly top in some of the pictures and a boyish blue shirt in others.  It turns out that my messy little one needed to be changed, but I had taken my extra clothes back to the hotel in the morning.  I only have one more visit before court, and I wanted to remove my extra things, so I wouldn’t have to worry about them at the last minute.  You would figure today was the day Em would really need a change due to an earlier “accident.”

During the time I was not visiting angel baby, I was trying to get things ready for court and preparing for Emilia’s arrival at the Pushkin (God willing).  I went to a baby store for a few items, made photographs for the nurses and shopped at the big grocery store near the baby house.  Although I can certainly go out when Emilia is here, I wanted to make sure I had the appropriate food/formula ready for her arrival.

In terms of court, I have written my required speech and need to review it tonight. The odd thing is that this is not a speech that I simply create on my own. I must include specific information, as requested by the judge, and some of the details seem extraneous and sound like lawyer-speak.  I’ve tried to add my own personal touch, but it’s difficult when you’ve been given a template to follow.  I just hope that I’ve included everything that is important to the judge and the prosecutor (yes, there is a prosecutor!).

I admit I’m a little nervous about court, as it has the power to change my life forever.  I am hoping and praying that when I write my blog post tomorrow evening, I will have very happy news to share.  I have been waiting years to adopt Emilia, and now I am approaching the final steps to making my dream a reality.  Please pray that all goes well at court and that God continues to watch over and protect Emilia and me.

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