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November 2, 2008

Bonding Day 13

It has only been 13 days since I first laid eyes on Emilia, and yet I feel as though I am really coming to know my little angel baby.  I’m also delighted to see how much she has already changed since she was first put in my arms.  Although she has always been quite alert and smiley, she wasn’t nearly as active as she is now.  When I first started feeding her, Emilia would sit calmly and watch me.  Now she presses into me to discern more clearly what I’m doing or saying, tries to grab the spoon away or stuff her bib in her mouth, or attempts to sit up.  Also, at the outset she wouldn’t rest her feet on my thighs and stand.  Although Em certainly still needs to be supported, she is stretching her legs and building her strength.  She used to curl up her legs, so she looked like a little frog.

Overall, Emilia seems to be a very good-natured baby.  I’m not saying she doesn’t have her moments – everyone does – but I think she feels very comfortable with me.  We’ve made a connection, and I find we are growing together.

This afternoon I went to the local amusement park with my adoption friends, and I met three families who have already gone to court and have their children with them. It’s nice to meet with families who have almost completed their time here and are close to going home.

I have to say that I never expected to come to Kaz and go on a ferris wheel or a mini roller coaster (a greatly modified version of the Flying Bobs for those of you have been to Playland).  The ferris wheel moved very slowly – so slowly it didn’t stop when you got on it – and it offered a lovely view of Uralsk and the Urals River.  The park is not like our amusement parks back home.  There are very few rides, and most of them are for children.  There are also regular swings and slides, so that people can enjoy the park without having to purchase tickets for rides.  One familiar thing the park did have was cotton candy, and the group of us shared some.  It was white and less sticky than the cotton candy I’ve had back home; it was sweet and melted in your mouth. 

Today I am including photos from yesterday’s trip to the Historical Museum of Uralsk, as well as my visit with Em this morning and the amusement park adventure. I find I can’t help but take a lot of pictures here.  There is just so much to see and observe.
The Dombra, a Traditional Kaz Instrument
A Yurt -- Portable Dwelling Used by Nomads
Yurt Interior Design
Experiencing Yurt Living
Slow-Moving Ferris Wheel
Bird's Eye View of Urals River
Looking Official with the Kaz Flag
The Shangrak, the Emblematic Crown of the Yurt
Never Too Young to Eat Your First Book!
Beautiful Birches
Fun With Friends at the Amusement Park