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November 6, 2008

Waiting for Pre-Court, Day 3

Today when I looked out my window there were small white flakes floating to the earth. Snow had come to Uralsk! Although the snow (pronounced sn’yek in Russian) did stick a little, it was wet and mostly created messy sidewalks and oversized puddles.  Late this afternoon the sun poked through, so I believe we have been spared more snow – at least for a little bit.  I’m particularly relieved, as I have to get dressed up tomorrow to go to pre-court, and I don’t want to ruin my new shoes!

At this morning’s visit, I asked the nurse to leave Emilia in her baby house clothes, and then I changed her into her nice outfit after she ate.  This worked out quite well, and I was actually able to have a clean Emilia sitting on my lap for a few minutes at the end of our visit. 

This afternoon I found Emilia sitting in an exer-saucer (walker), her little legs dangling through the holes. She seemed to be happy sitting and reaching for the toys in front of her.  I’m happy to know this and will investigate getting one of these exer-saucers when I get home. It will certainly come in handy if I have to put Em down for a minute, and it will also give her a chance to sit up, stretch and play.

As I’ve mentioned, Emilia seems to really enjoy music.  So, I decided to introduce her to my Ipod.  My dear friend, Phoebe, is a talented singer with her own CD, and I clicked on to some of her songs and let Emilia listen to the tunes. She did listen for a few moments, as I held the buds near her ears, but she was mostly interested in the cord on the Ipod.  She promptly put it in her mouth, as she puts most things.  Hey, at least the girl’s consistent.

Tomorrow I will not have my morning visit with Emilia – the first miss in 17 days – as my pre-court session is at noon.  However, I am hoping to make up the time in the afternoon.  I don’t like to miss even one moment with my sweet angel.

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