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October 19, 2008

Here in Kaz at Last

It took three flights and a day and a half, but I have arrived safely in Uralsk.  Although I slept quite a bit on the plane, I am still feeling exhausted from travel and can’t stop yawning.  The fact that it’s a cold, wet day here is adding to my desire to climb into bed for a long nap.

I met my translator, Alliyah, and driver, Vladimir, at the Uralsk airport, and they whisked me off to my hotel, which is now home for the next several weeks. After settling in, I went to the front desk to ask a question about my WiFi connection and met a lovely family of three from Canada, who is adopting a baby boy.  I joined them for a late breakfast and immediately felt at ease.  I haven’t been here for more than a few hours, and I’ve already made friends.  This is a huge comfort to me.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to the Ministry of Education, but it’s not clear yet if my appointment will be in the morning or the afternoon. I am hoping it is in the morning, so I will be able to meet my child in the afternoon. Otherwise, I will have to wait until Tuesday.

Since I fear my head is going to drop onto the computer and delete what I’ve written, I’m going to go take a nap.  I know you’re supposed to fight jet lag by trying to immediately adapt to the new time, but I’m just too far gone for that!