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October 24, 2008

Bonding Day 4

Today I went to the baby house and found Emilia in a wonderful mood. She was all smiles and coos.  She did a great job with her food, and then we played for awhile.  I find that by the time I get her changed for the day and she eats, there’s very little time left to just hang out with her. We didn’t even get to the playroom.

I expected to have to go out again this morning to do some paperwork – my passport must be translated into Russian – but this didn’t come to pass. Now I will have to wait until Tuesday, as Monday is Republic Day, a national holiday.  I don’t know anything about Republic Day yet, but it’s obviously a day to celebrate the country itself. There will be parades and festivities, so I’m looking forward to joining in on the fun.

I felt particularly tired by noon time, so I thought I’d take a short nap. Three hours later, I awoke!  I think the excitement and stress had finally gotten to me, and I just pooped out.

I was wide awake, however, for my afternoon visit. Since it was a mild, sunny day, we bundled up Emilia for a walk, but this time I put her in the Baby Bjorn.  Aliya and I laughed at ourselves as we tried to navigate the carrier.  With all its straps, buckles and snaps, it’s something of a puzzle to newbies like us.  Yet, we overcame the challenge and put Emilia inside.  With my winter coat and her layers of clothes, the carrier felt a bit tight, but I think it was OK for the walk.  The baby was facing me, so we had a chance to “chat.”  OK, I talked, and she listened. Every now and then Emilia piped up, but I’m sure she was just agreeing with whatever it was I was saying! 

On the way home, I purchased a Picnic Bar.  I figure when I’m here I should try every chocolate bar I’ve never seen before. Actually, this won’t be as easy as it sounds.  They have many of the same chocolate bars we have in America – Kit Kats, Twix, Snickers, etc. – so I’ll have to venture farther afield. The Picnic Bar is good and tastes like something I’ve had before. It has wafer, peanuts, peanut butter and chocolate. It could be a do over, if I get in a peanut butter mood.

I asked Aliya about the black beans I saw yesterday. They are actually sunflower seeds that have not been shelled, but they are jet black and look different from the grayish shells I’ve seen in the States.  I love learning these little tidbits about Kaz life.

Tonight I am going out dancing with Aliya – I couldn’t come to Kaz without experiencing its nightlife! – and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing what people do here on a Friday night to kick back.  Since it’s a long holiday weekend, I expect that many people will be out, and I’ll experience a festive crowd.  I absolutely love to dance, so this will be a fun night. 

Off I go to get glammed up. This should be quick, as I’m wearing the same thing I wore to the baby house, but I’m adding a black scarf and bigger earrings. Yeah, I’ll be a real glamour girl (not!).

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