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October 26, 2008

Bonding Day 6

It has been one week since I arrived in Uralsk, and I feel I have adjusted quite well to my new environment.  One thing that surprises me is that I am always on the go.  In that regard, it’s just like home.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of social activities.  Last night I had dinner at the Pushkin with a Canadian family, who is adopting an eight month old named Michael. They have already completed their bonding period and are waiting for pre-court.  Henry, Cecile, their seven-year-old daughter, Jasmine, and I were also joined by Loretta, a single woman from Canada, who is also adopting a little boy.  Sadly, she had to turn down the first child who was presented to her due to severe health issues, and she is now waiting for a healthy six-month-old boy.  She has had a challenging journey, and I applaud her courage and patience.

It is wonderful to share your adoption experiences with others who are going through the same thing. Although every family’s story is unique, there are similarities, too.  We share helpful bits of information and listen to each others’ tales.  This in itself is a bonding experience and one I greatly value.

This morning when I changed Emilia into her clothes for the day, she was full of smiles.  I laughed when I couldn’t find the hole in her jumper in which to put her left arm.  Emilia didn’t mind at all.  She just went with the flow.

Breakfast was what I would call “intermittent.”  She’d eat. She’d fuss. She’d stuff the cloth napkin in her mouth. She’d stop fussing. She’d smile. She’d eat some more.  It was a long cycle, but in the end, she ate most of her food.

Afterwards, Emilia was happy as could be. She rolled on the floor, bounced on my knee, chewed on her teether and looked out the window.  One thing I’ve discovered is that she loves to hear me sing.  Whenever, she gets a little fussy, I start to sing, and she immediately pipes down. I think I’m going to have to expand my repertoire with this baby girl!

I was able to stay the full two hours with Emilia today, and this lifted my spirits high. I left the baby house with a skip in my step. 

On the way home, Shonara and I chatted about candy, one of my favorite topics.  She asked me if I had tried something that sounded like “greeliash.”  Of course, I have no idea how to spell this in Russian or Kazakh, so the phonetic pronunciation will have to do.  When we stopped briefly for Shonara to do a banking errand, she purchased some of these candies for me. How very thoughtful!  These bite-size treats are covered in chocolate and have nuts and toffee inside…absolutely delicious.  I will have to find more of these candies when I go shopping.

I have just returned from an amazing barbecue with Aliya and some of her friends. However, you will have to wait to hear about this adventure.  My mind is tired after so many toasts!
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