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September 9, 2006

Oh great… they’re back

When we were leaving yesterday afternoon both girls had gone out with their groups to the playground.  I got so encouraged when, as we were leaving, Maggie-Vera ran to the fence to wave paka-paka (bye-bye) to us.  I realize now that she was hoping that we were leaving for good.  I’m just teasing about that, but I have to tell you she didn’t seem all that thrilled to see me when I went to her classroom to pick her up this morning.  When I picked her up her whole little body went rigid and she started to cry.  I had gotten all the way to our playroom before I realized that I had just humiliated her in front of all of her friends.  She’s a big girl and she can walk herself, thank you!  Day two:  Important lesson learned.

On the other hand, Ryn-Alina was very glad to see us.  She came to me from her caregiver and hugged me so tight!  She was ready to play.  We pulled out the crayons and coloring book today, and I discovered that my little Ryn-Alina may be a budding artist.  She loved coloring on all the pages.  Maggie-Vera was in charge of handing her the next color.  Maggie seems to love the crayons, but coloring?  She can take it or leave it.  If you want to make Maggie smile, bring out the books.  She especially loves all the monkeys in the Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb book.  Either that, or she just gets a huge kick out of listening to Dae Dae try to say “monkey” in Russian.

I suspect what you really want from me today is pictures, so I’m going to try to send at least a few pictures today (keep your fingers crossed!)  Hope these come through okay and you can start to get to know the Amazing Hunter Girls!