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Tuesday, December 9, 2008             Official Visit #1

Robby was not feeling well initially this morning. He has a bronchial and/or upper respitory infection going on. After I fed him breakfast (more semolina or rice cereal and fruit) the doctor gave him a breathing treatment and he felt better a few minutes later. When the nose starts running, he feels better :-) I tried my bottle on him and he was not happy with it. I guess I’ll have to breakdown and get some Dr. Brown’s. There is no way to duplicate what they use here: it looks like an old small glass soda bottle with a nipple from a deformed goat. We played for a while and then he went down for a nap. So sweet.

Ekaterina (Kate) is my coordinator and translator and has been very helpful in taking photos and video of Robby and me together. She is trying to be helpful and I am grateful for the pictures she takes, but they are turning out terrible. I know in the long run it does not really matter, but…

Wednesday, December 10, 2008      Official Visit #2

Robby was still feeling sick today. They took him for another breathing treatment. Then more drainage – what fun! His breakfast today was rice cereal and fruit. I am transitioning him to a different bottle and he is having a little trouble with it. He is doing okay with the spoon, though. I am going to try feeding him in the stroller next (instead of my lap) and see if that makes a difference. He was cute in his new red shirt. So grown up looking init. He loves to suck his lower lip into his mouth :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2008         Official Visit #3

The visit went well again today. I put his teal and pink knit outfit on him as it is the warmest thing I have. He is still sick and coughing. The doctor wanted me to get some medicine for him, so I did. Turns out it was vitamin enhanced honey and bee pollen. Give me a break – for an upper respitory infection?!

In the meantime I have checked his development against the charts. He is doing amazingly well for 6 months in an orphanage situation. He is only falling behind in 3 areas and I can work on two of them here. After the doctor visit in January we’ll see what else needs to be worked on.

I got his medical report this afternoon - he is as healthy as they can come here! There are always orphanage issues: the number of times sick, muscle tone, and such. However, nothing as concerning as the 5 previous children I was shown, so I am incredibly reassured and happy.

Friday, December 12, 2008             Official Visit #4

The visit was nice again. The two hours goes so fast. I worked his trunk muscles a bit more today. I am going to have to keep that up. He is very close to being on target but not quite there. He’s till congested with a runny nose. He hardly cries at all - so far only if you are not putting the food in fast enough or he is falling asleep! Even then it is only for a minute or two and then he is out. I hope that does not change!

Remember my signs? I had my moment today. The Spaniards and I were headed to the Atrium to window shop . I had just come from the bank machine and Aitor and I were walking ahead of Amaia and Inma. In front of us, on that side of the street, the bank has gold painted statues. One is a man with his arms stretched up holding the bank. The other 2 are lions. I turned to Aitor and said that Azlan’s name meant lion. As soon as I said that I had my click. My shivery déjà vu moment, that I had done this before. I knew then that this was right and that everything would be fine. Unbelievably, I met him only one week ago this morning. Amazing how much your life can change in such a short time.

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Coming Back from a Breathing Treatment
Feeding Robby Breakfast
Feeding Robby Breakfast, again!
A rare smile while playing
Smiling while playing with toys