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Many of my family, friends, and co-workers, have asked to be kept up with how my adoption process is going. In the beginning I had more time to update people personally as my process was hindered by things out of my control and I had lots of time on my hands. However, since my process is back on track, so to speak, it is harder to update people as I’d like. Enter the world of the blog.

The first four pages cover the 6 weeks I have spent in Kazakhstan that were not spent with a child. There are so many things to cover! While Uralsk is certainly not a vacation destination, it is a very livable city. If I mention something you specifically would like to know more about, please let me know in the feedback area.

The rest of the pages are of meeting my son and the time I spend with him. I will add some travel bits as I know it can be a bit tedious reading about nothing but changing clothes, if he rolled over that day, or got the hiccups. Believe me  - it is not my goal to bore you :-)

Please understand that this is my experience here. I have several friends at home and across the globe that have adopted from Kaz and we all experienced a different version of the process and how it evolves. Even families that were here at the same time as me have a different perspective as to the process. Many of these adoptions were free of issues and problems, mine has not been. I will not dwell on them but they are referenced.

Enjoy the read – I have tried to make it entertaining for you. :-)


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