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Hello Everyone,

This will be my final update. I certainly did not think it would take this long, but I ended up having to go back to work much sooner than I thought. I used up more of my leave time than anticipated and was back to work only 2.5 weeks after coming home.

The trip was uneventful, thankfully, but one VERY long day. Over 30 hours total thanks to several time zones. Several of the flight attendants told me that they would have Robby fly with them any time! He slept the majority of the time and only cried when I had to change his diaper in the airplane’s bathroom and I can’t blame him for that. Whether the sleeping was due to the ear infection, stress, or actually being tired I’ll never know.

The next day there was a Baby Shower-Reception for us where the vast majority of my family and friends got to see and meet him for the first time. He handled it very well and was alert and friendly. He seems to roll with the punches and is such a trouper. Mom, on the other hand, didn’t feel like herself for a week or so.

Robby has been doing well emotionally. He enjoys spending time with his doting grandparents who can’t stop buying him clothes! He is adjusting to his daycare situation and to the children there. He had missed being around other children and I know this is good for him. Physically, he has had a series of ear infections that we may need to treat more aggressively, but that is in the future. After several weeks of watching and waiting, he finally got his two bottom teeth! He is also just days away from crawling and sitting up on his own. Quite a bit of progress for such a short amount of time!

Life is taking on new routines, surprises, and challenges. Incorporating daycare drop-off and trying to make it to work on time is a daily endeavor. I now get to leave work on time because the babysitter has an end time! I have discovered he is not a patient shopper so the grocery store is a ‘get in & get out’ event not to be missed (I hope this changes!). I have gotten used to the fact I CAN leave him alone long enough to take a couple of loads of trash out and he will still be in one piece when I come back in. And best of all, I have a built in excuse if I don’t want to go somewhere or do something!

Someone asked me the other day if I think he misses Kaz. I think he misses the people, certainly. They were his family for his first 7 months. I hope he can retain the feeling of good memories, if not the memories themselves. For me, our time in Kazakhstan seems so long ago, even though I know it wasn’t. It has become one of those pleasant, hazy, vacation type recollections. The memories get stronger when I find myself thinking of specific friends there or the folks that I met that I miss. We spent such an important time in our lives together that they will always be a part of my family’s creation story. I hope that they remember us as fondly as I do them.

Kati & Robby

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