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Monday, December 29, 2008        Final Court Day

8:00 am Today has the added good luck of being Mom’s birthday. Court is at 10 am this morning and hopefully the papers will get filed at the Dept of Vital Statistics fast enough where I can have him tonight!

12:30 pm Other families have said that court was a rubber stamp procedure. Well maybe for some, but I found it very nerve wracking. Last night Kate had called and mentioned that I was supposed to memorize my speech! The worst thing for me to have to do! I cannot memorize to save my life. I ended up making a cheat sheet for my hand. It still did me little good. The judge excused himself to ponder his decision. 30 minutes later a positive result! Yeah! I was allowed to take a photo of the judge and shake his hand. Then I tried to take a picture of the courthouse (from outside) and got told no by the guard – grumpy. Didn’t he know what just happened in there?

3:45 pmWe’re off to the bakery for the cakes, then to the Dept. of Vital Statistics (such a sad building for such an important function) and then to pick up the Dept of Care & Guardianship woman again. How does she manage with out us to get her places? Then to the Baby House!

5:30 pm When we got there the caregivers were having their New Years Party – they were all dressed up and having a feast in my visitation room! Too funny - I always wondered why there was a fridge in there! They said a New Year’s custom is to drink 3 shots of vodka! So the first was to Robby, the second to them, and they dedicated the third to Robby’s first word, Papa. They said this was a sign of good luck and that he would have a father. Yeah, right!  Then it was time to go. He has only been in a car once, from the hospital to the Baby House. He was shocked. He sat on my lap quietly and looked around at the windows, soaking it all up. This was the most still I have ever seen him. We got to the hotel and up to the room. Then everyone came up to see him. He handled it well considering he had never seen this many strangers before. After all the fussing was over I skyped mom and dad and then my sister’s family. Everyone was thrilled to watch him! Robby was not sure what to think and decided the mouse was a good toy! Then on to dinner. I kept it short and Robby agreed by acting very tired.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008            Mommy Day #1

While I was writing this I realized that yesterday was day 65 for me here. I was born in ‘65. Strange coincidence or a sign? You decide… Anyway, Robby is a restless and noisy sleeper so far. He likes to wrap his feet in the crib slats and has his hand up around his head while noisily sucking the thumb on his left hand. For a while he was on his back with his knees up in the air! When the towels were delivered the ladies made such a fuss over him! They were doing that fake spitting thing that means good luck over and over. He, of course, was appropriately cute. Then it was bath time. Then we played and skyped until 6 where I tried to feed him dinner while talking to mom – he spluttered carrots over the computer It was both funny and disgusting at the same time. After that we went down to dinner where we were the only ones. That was actually nice. Robby was able to look around without being overwhelmed and I was able to feed him the rest of his dinner in peace. However, I discovered he is not ready to let me eat dinner – he fussed and cried while I ate (and he was not still hungry – really). Hmmm, I wonder what is up with that?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Mommy Day #2

Up and crying for a bottle at 6:00 am on the nose! And not just a quiet whimpering cry, but a full throttled, I’m in pain, dramatic cry with giant tears. Maybe acting lessons as he gets older! He can sure turn on the waterworks when he wants to! Ok – you know the phrase “I hope you get a child just like you”? Well, maybe I did. I know I can be a bit on the dramatic side so this could be my payback. :-)

The best part so far is the middle of the night wake ups where he just smiles at you. He may need a diaper change or some water, but his first reaction when he sees you is just a happy, joyful smile. Awesome.

Thursday, January 1, 2009             Mommy Day #3

Today Sophie & Benjamin, me, Andre, Zuny & Francois all met over at Benoit & Natalie’s apartment. It’s SO NICE! It’s on the third floor and is so clean. If I had been in one like that I may have changed my mind and stayed in one. Anyway, Zuny & Francois made orange chicken with rice for us all as a New Years treat. It was Robby’s first excursion and how appropriate that it was on New Year’s Day!

Friday, January 2, 2009                 Mommy Day #4

Robby has a new habit I have not seen before – while laying on his back, he shakes his head ‘no’ vigorously. This could explain the bald patch, LOL. His cough is worse but I believe the antibiotics are working and this is a part of that. I thought about going to the blue store or for a walk, ended up not wanting to expose him to the weather unless we have no choice. We had snow today! Not enough to measure but enough that the tops of cars and the ground was covered.

Saturday, January 3, 2009        Mommy Day #5

After breakfast today he got another bath. For the record, he does not like them. He cries a bit when he gets in the water. He cries a bit when he gets wet all over. He cries as if the end of the universe as we know it were coming down around him when his head gets wet. For this reason, I do not do it early in the morning or late at night. It would not be fair to the folks here who pay good money for a night’s sleep. With the marble walls and floors here making sound travel, it would be torture for me to make others listen to him.

When I laid him on the bed to dry him off he showed his displeasure by peeing all over the towel, bedspread, and, of course, my pants (laundered just the day before, thank you very much). Then, for kicks, he giggles! Like he knew what he did! 

Today we also discovered he likes looking in the mirror. He may think it is another child! He smiles and bangs his toys on the walker’s tray. He then laughs and giggles like it is the best trick ever. :-)

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