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January 4-8, 2009

This week I will start something different. I, and I’m sure you all, were getting a little bored of the daily play-by-play. The next entries will be a synopsis of what is going on with details where relevant.

Last week Kate took my adoption certificate and Robby’s new birth certificate to send off for his Kazak passport. I’ll need these to get him to Almaty. Once the passport comes back it gets registered and then sent to Astana. Once it is in Astana, it goes to Almaty again (I have no idea what Astana does with them). However, I can take him and meet the paperwork in Almaty. Once we are in Almaty, I have to get him a US passport and visa, as well as have a US required medical checkup to make sure he does not test positive for HIV, Hep B, etc. Hopefully, if all goes well, I can be there by Sunday, January 11 and begin the medical appointment on Monday. I have heard it takes 2 days to get the results back to the US Embassy, so timing is everything to get out of here Friday.

I am sure Robby has an infection that needs more medical intervention. I asked about how to see a doctor here… complicated. I need to bring a translator, fine, but how do I prove he’s mine when the papers are all somewhere else? I really don’t want to take him back to the Baby House doctor. She’s the one who treated him with honey and/or bee pollen…

I made a leash for the walker and we walked the hallway. We were both going a bit nutty in the room and there is only so much to do there. I do not feel like I could take him outside safely yet, so that shot our plans for the Atrium and Bogus Gallery. I am very fortunate that one couple here has offered to pick up water and baby food for me when I get low on supplies.

Robby did 2 new things on Jan 7. He sat up on his own for the first time! Ok, it was only 15 seconds, but it counts. He also helped me hold his bottle. We have only worked on that one time before so I am suitably impressed.

On Thursday Robby was on the bed with me and we were playing. While we were doing his sitting exercises, he was sitting by himself. Yea! Then he sneezed. He sneezed so hard that he knocked himself backwards onto the bed with a giant tumble. I started laughing and he didn’t know quite what to think for a moment. Then he started laughing, too. What a nice way to start the day :-)

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