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Saturday, December 13, 2008       Official Visit #5

Robby still has a cough and congestion. When I asked about his breathing treatment for the day I was told they do not do them on weekends. So much for consistent medical care, huh? He was active today and played for a long time on his tummy. We did not get a lot of trunk work in but will tomorrow. He was fighting a nap when we had to leave. I put him in jammies for the day – the one sports thing I thought was cute and not overly or obviously athletic :-) His hair is patchy and still growing out from being shaved. I can see he has 2 whirls on top. It’s going to take a long while to see the end results for the hair…Maybe a crew cut?

Sunday, December 14, 2008          Official Visit #6

We are getting into a routine :-) Cuddle for a few minutes, have breakfast of some kind of cereal (today it was oatmeal), fruit, and the tea they make. Throw up a bit on mommy. Then have some naked baby time, change the diaper, change the clothes, and then play for a while and have some photos taken. Throw in some therapy work, then it is naptime and – poof – two hours are gone.

His mood was quiet today, he’s still sick. I asked the doctor about using antibiotics, but it did not get much of a response – ‘when necessary’ they are used. That did not make me feel better as they all keep passing it around and it never goes away.

I met Zuni and François’s son Sebastian today while I played with the other babies. He is very cute – lots of dark hair on him. The other baby’s mothers never signed their papers and they will be wards until someone cares enough to clear them or they turn 18. How sad. They could be snapped up in a minute. The girl (Delara) is so sweet, happy, and gorgeous and Monkey boy is so cute (I can never get his name right) with his big ears, narrow face, and huge dark eyes. He has taught himself how to walk at 8 months old because he wants to go where the other kids are. Quite amazing actually. Soon he will be moved into an older room because of this skill. One boy named Sultan has found a friend in Aliya. She would love to adopt him if she could prove the income and home. She would even bear the expense of clearing him for adoption.

Monday, December 15, 2008          Official Visit #7

This morning Alex, my driver, was late picking me up. I found out it was because Kate had to deal with some paperwork at the Department of Education. Anything to get this process moving as fast as it can. They held Robby’s breakfast for me to give him. They have stopped his breathing treatments now. His nose was better and he is coughing a little less, but the rattle is still there. However, now I am coughing :-) He was not as active as other days and much quieter. He does seem to be content and can entertain himself. In comparing him to other babies that have been through here, Emilia could not but Michael and Alex could. I didn’t see the two Addies enough to know if they could or not. I don’t know - it could be a boy thing. :-)

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