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The People You Meet, Not Necessarily On the Street

Since my arrival here in Uralsk on October 27, 2008 I have been extremely fortunate to meet some wonderful people. They have provided me with positive thoughts, unending prayers, moral support, and a great amount of enjoyment. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge them (and others) here.

The Canadians
Henry, Cecile, Jasmine, & Michael
Loretta & Alex
Larry, Brenda, & Addie
Alain, Sophie, & Benjamin
Francois, Zuni, & Sebastian
Andre & Oliver

The Americans
Jeannette & Emilia
Kelly, Michelle, & Addison

The Spaniards
Aitor, Amaia, & Eldar
Inma & Miguel

The Internet & Agency Community
Yahoo Uralsk
Rumor Queen
TOL & WPA & Kids to Adopt

My Immediate Family
Richard & MaryAnn
Todd, Janice, Madison, & Michael
Mark, Ellen, & Eva

My Friends (alphabetically)
Susan & Kelley
My Single Adoptive Moms Group

And to the many other family, friends and co-workers I can’t remember right this very moment.

Also – a very special thank you to a wonderful young woman named Aliya. She is a translator and coordinator for a different agency but has been so helpful and friendly. She has gone out of her way to show us sights, share her culture, and explain how things work here. With out her, many of us adopting parents would be lost. Figuratively and Literally.

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Jeannette, Emilia, and Kati at the Ural River
The Spaniards: Inma, Amaia, and Aitor
All the new Mommies and their Babies
Original Friends at the Pushkin
New Friends at the Pushkin