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We’re Finally Going Home

January 22-23, 2009

Kok Tobe was the destination this morning for the German families and us. We figured this was our last chance and the weather was great. I wanted to get some more tourist items and some things for give-a-ways at the shower. I don’t know if I’ll make it back to the art walk today or not. I’m going to try but I am kicking myself for not getting the watercolors several days ago.

I ended up taking the stroller and I wish I had carried him. I did not realize there were so many steps to the gondola entry. Thankfully, the security guard helped us up and a tourist from another part of Kaz helped us down. While shopping, several of the store owners remembered us and kept him occupied while I spent my remaining tenges.

Later at the restaurant, we found out that Symbat, his favorite waitress and co-manager is off tonight. I wish I had asked as I wanted a photo of him and her together. The Germans came by and we said our good byes, they leave Sat.

You will hear from me in a week or two…just be patient. I’m sure our trip home will have some events worth documenting for the record books!

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A view from Kok Tobe
A view from Kok Tobe
Kazak Cutie!