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Saturday, December 20, 2008      Official Visit #12

The visit this morning went really well, as well as fast. He still has a cough and runny nose. The caregiver had the fun task of cleaning out his nose while I held him. He does not like this process at all. After breakfast (rice cereal and pears) I changed his clothes and we played for a bit while Kate went through the pictures for court. She opened that pack and went through them before I had a chance to. She saw the ones I have with me and Aliya and got a little bent that I spend some time with her. Oh well – life goes on. I gave Kate her choice of photos of Robby that were left and then the rest to the Baby House for their records. I have some I will make for the staff in a few days.

Sunday, December 21, 2008         Official Visit #13

The baby visit went well, again. He had woken up early and then cried for his breakfast, so he was already fed by the time I got him. I changed his clothes and we played. He is making these really cute lip-sucking noises now. Then trying to blow his spit out but not doing a very good job at it and it drips down his chin :-) Too cute. He is also grunting and growling like an animal of some kind. It almost reminds me of Maddie when she was very little and trying to talk. He is also doing this thing where he blows air back into his bottle. That is my sign he is done with the eating and drinking portion of the day. We played with his roommates a little and then we left.

Monday, December 22, 2008      Official Visit #14

This is it! The last official visit. I chose today to do the first Christmas Card photograph as the court dates will be after the 25th and this visit is a special occasion worth marking in some way. The cute white outfit from Sela, the red booties from the bazaar, and the red Christmas hat from Inma will be perfect. My green shirt and my Christmas hat from the blue store will go just fine with Robby’s outfit.

He was fussy this morning but very happy to see me. That made me feel better – sometimes he just stares at me and I don’t know what he is thinking. We played with his favorite rattle and he chatted a while – lots of ‘ba ba ba’ :-) He had already been fed, sigh. I changed his clothes and took our Christmas photos, then changed him into play clothes. By the time he was ready for a nap it was much earlier than normal. Turns out the 4 tiny infants are keeping the older ones awake at night and their schedules are a bit off. When I put him down for his nap he woke up, so I held him again until he went back down. Hen he woke up again and I was told to leave…he cried for me and I couldn’t go back. I almost cried…both for sadness that I could not do something for him and for the fact that it was so hard for me to leave him.

I’m glad the power outages did not affect the Baby House at all. I can’t imagine how they would have fared if they lost their heat and lights. The hotel was bad enough.

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