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The Unofficial Visits

Saturday, December 6, 2008      Unofficial Visit #1

On previous visits to Baby House #1 I had seen some of the rooms upstairs and several rooms downstairs. On my visit today I saw the interior rooms of the baby house that I have not seen before: The crib room and the play room for Group 1. In the crib room were four 8 week-old infants and 4 other babies about 8 months old. While they were cute, ok the girl is stunning, they are not as cute as my guy. There are 9 total.

He has a cute habit of kicking his legs out behind him real fast! He fell asleep in my arms but did not make a fuss before falling asleep. He does not like the pacifier for very long – he prefers his thumb and holds his nose at the same time, like he thinks it will run away :-) He squeezes his fingers so tight they contract – that worries me but I think it is from self-soothing and stress. His feet and neck are ticklish and he startles when sleeping. Tomorrow I need to shop for diapers and for some clothing to fit him. No more pink!

After spending 2 hours with him, I have decided on Robert Azlan for his name. I like his Kazak name (Aclan) but folks will need to be able to spell it. I also wanted a name with a ‘z’ in it, so it works on that level, too. For a first name I want something strong to offset the middle name. Mitchell and Matthew are not right for him. Robert is also my Uncle and Godfather’s middle name. So Robert it is - Robby.

Sunday, December 7, 2008        Unofficial Visit #2

I got to feed Robby his breakfast of semolina, fruit puree, and rosewater tea. He was drinking out of a cup for the tea. That did not go so well :-) He played for a while and giggled a bunch. We took our pictures for the paperwork and he fell asleep in my arms again (insert an ‘ah’ here). We got to visit with some of the other babies there – so sad. Many are not available for adoption at this time. There are times here when I have wondered if I am doing the right thing. Then I think of how long I have wanted this and how much work this has taken to accomplish. Little signs have made me excited. He has pouty lips like Michael, he has a similar birthmark to my family on his neck, and his name is connected to sci-fi  I am getting nervous though, this has happened to me before and I can’t help but have some reservations until the medical files come in. The previous one blew up on day 4…so I am naturally a bit cautious.

Monday, December 8, 2008         Unofficial Visit #3

Today I got a smile as they brought him to me. Recognition! During the visit today Robby initiated me into mommy-hood by throwing up on me. Fruit puree and rice cereal – Yum! We followed our routine by playing, this time on the floor. He did not want to fall asleep this time, though. He also seemed a little congested in the chest and the doctor came in later and said he has had some bronchial issues. No big deal. I am extremely fortunate as babies this healthy appearing don’t often go to non-Kazak citizens. The local folks can also adopt in less than a month and have first access, so this is very unusual. I may need to go shopping in a serious way!

Today is a Muslim Holiday. Stop reading if you are squeamish. This holiday is celebrated by fasting, doing good deeds for other families, and sacrificing animals. The animals are then prepared and donated to facilities that can use the meat. The Baby Houses get some of the donations. Grossly enough, I had to step over some of the donations as they were being reduced in size in the hallway of the kitchen as I entered for my visit on the next day. Their Department of Health must be run way different than ours!
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Robby likes to suck his fingers:)
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