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Tuesday, December 16, 2008          Official Visit #8

The 16th and 17th are Kazakhstan’s Independence holidays. Many shops, offices, and government entities will be closed for these 2 days and then for the weekend. I was very scared that my official bonding days would get cancelled and throw off my plans to have Robby by New Years. Luckily, the baby houses will be open with a small staff. Maybe I’ll bring them a treat from the restaurant. They make great pastries here…

Robby is still sick, but not as bad. He had cried so hard before I got there that I thought he had an eye infection; it was so red and puffy. He settled quickly and had his oatmeal. After his change of clothes, the passport photographer came to take his photo. He did ok and we got it done in his red sweatshirt. We played (he loves the orange and yellow rattle) but he was so tired and he would not give in to a nap. I put him in his crib and hoped he’d settle quickly. It gets harder to leave…

Wednesday, December 17, 2008      Official Visit #9

In general, Robby is very alert most of the time. He does the Eva cry for food if you are not fast enough. He still cries for more even when he's full so you have to distract him with some tea to make him realize he's done (or he throws up on me). He was rolling over when I met him so he has not learned any new talents:) His legs do not kick as much when he is exploring a new toy, though. He giggles if you tickle his neck and armpits. His soles are ticklish too but he does not know how to respond to that and to raspberries yet. He just kind of looks at you like you’re strange.

Today Robby’s health is a bit better. We were not late but they started feeding him and I had to pick up where the caregiver left off. He was not happy about being interrupted, and he let me know it! Today I decided to try something new. After he was fed and changed, I held him and did not lay him down to play with toys. I only gave him one thing at a time and made him face me. I am trying to encourage eye contact and bonding, which I feel is going slower than it should be. It worked for a while and then I realized he had been up for quite a while when he fell asleep.

Thursday, December 18, 2008       Official Visit #10

The visit today was very good. Kate left us alone for a good portion of the visit because she was doing the paperwork log and checking on the blender for a gift. The doctor has said that since Robby is not getting well as fast as she would like she may put him on antibiotics. We played for a long time today as he did not want to sleep. One new thing happened today, he had the hiccups. Another sign – I get them bad :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008         Official Visit #11

Today Robby’s nose was much better but he still has a cough. The boy can eat, though. Nothing so far has slowed his appetite down. He had a treat today: cookies and egg yolk in his oatmeal. He played well for a long time then I got the double the fun – he had a poopy diaper and while I was changing him he peed on everything. I only had the one onesie with me so he was in a girly one again. Then the staff let me take pictures with him and 2 of his roommates – Rufat  (otherwise known as Monkey-boy) and Dinlara. Then I asked them to be in a picture, too. I will give copies of these to them as they have no photos of the kids. I asked about previous pictures of Robby and they indicated that they have none, just intake ones.

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