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October 1, 2006

Sorry... it's just Mommy

When I walked in Maggie-Vera's room today to pick her up, she smiled and ran over for a hug and then started looking around me.  What?  Where's ZhaZha Dae Dae?  Oh no... this just won't do!  She was not a happy princess.  I have a feeling Cathy's on the other side of the world giggling.  "Yep... get used to it.  You're the Mommy now.  This is how it is."

In spite of our lack of Dave today, we did just fine.  It was a beautiful day (though you couldn't tell it from the many, many layers of clothes the girls were wearing), so we went outside to play for a while.  There was a stroller by the door at the baby house, so Azel put Ryn in it as a joke.  No joke -- she loved it.  When we got to the playground we took her out so she could play, but as soon as we put her down she climbed back into the stroller.  Considering the fact that the child is like greased lightning when she's on the ground, this might be my saving grace!

Of course, since Super Dae Dae wasn't there today, Maggie settled for letting Mommy carry her around.  It's remarkable to me how far this little girl has come.  When we first met her, she would only let us touch her if the caregivers made her.  The first time I tried to hold her and carry her she cried like her heart was broken and her little body was as stiff as a board.  Now I almost think she's forgotten that she can walk if Mommy or Dae Dae is there.  The caregivers really frown on it (she really is a big girl), but I can't resist her when she turns those big, brown eyes on me and puts her arms up to me or wraps them around my waist.  You want me to hold you close and carry you?  You got it kid!

Today I had to start working on my speech for court.  Oh -- no pressure.  I just have to give a memorized speech to convince the judge, prosecutor, and ministry officials that I can actually be a good Mommy at my ripe, old age and current financial status.  Mind-boggling!  As nervous as I am about this, you'd never believe that I speak in front of people for a living.  You know how they tell you to imagine the audience in their underwear?  I really, really don't think that's going to work for me.  I've seen pictures of the judge.  She seems like a very nice woman, but I promise you - I do NOT want to see her in her underwear.  Maybe I'll try to imagine that I'm talking to all my favorite people at Tanner at one of our Think Tank or Snack & Learn programs.  How different is it really?  I mean, beside the fact that it's only my life here.  Wouldn't it be great if I could load that courtroom with the whole staff of the ER and registration crew at Villa Rica?  Or all my favorite people in the L&D, OB/GYN & Nursery group at Carrollton?  Actually, pick your department or your group.  I'd love to have any of them here with me right now.  And I think this would be the best -- how about Norma Norton sitting there as the judge?  Oh yeah.  I'm feeling better already.