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October 24, 2006

Maggie’s Fashion Show

Man, am I glad I did the whole re-packing thing!  Today Maggie realized that the
big bag in the bedroom was full of stuff for her and Ryn.  I dragged it into the
living room, and she emptied it out!  She took out every single item and sorted
them according to which items were hers and which were Ryn’s.  Talk about a
colossal mess in the floor, but she was having a blast.

Then she decided she wanted to try things on!  I wish I had thought to take
pictures sooner, but here are a few of her trying on some of her new clothes.

                        New red velvet to replace the one at the baby house

                                           Now where are those boots?

                                          Don’t I look GOOD Dae Dae?