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October 3, 2006

It's Official!!!

I'm a Mommy now!  As of today, Maggie VeraFae & Cathryn Alina are part of the Hunter gang.  We got to see them for about half an hour today after court and we tried to explain that we'd be back in two weeks to bring them home.  Ryn doesn't have a clue what we're talking about, but Maggie at least says she understands.  The caregivers are showing her the photo album and the globe and have promised to talk about us every day until we return.  They've told her that we're going home to fix her room and get her clothes ready.  That's all my little clothes-horse needs to hear.  "Yeah, yeah... go on.  See you when you get back!"

We'll be heading back to Almaty tomorrow morning and should be arriving in the States on Thursday.  See you then.

Much, much love,

Cyndi & Dave
(and Maggie & Ryn from Kazakhstan!)