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September 26, 2006

Montezuma's Revenge?  HA!

... More like the Wrath of Ghengis Khan!  We thought we were being so careful about only drinking bottled water and peeling any fresh veggies we ate.  But Dave missed an important detail:  You also don't want to rinse your toothbrush out with plain tap water.  Oops!  He started feeling a little queasy yesterday morning, and by last night he felt like he had been hit by a bus!  The poor baby feels rotten. On a positive note though, at least he can tell Cathy and Dr. Camp that he's been brushing and flossing regularly!

So the girls and I had it on our own again today.  I'm not sure what's gotten into them, but they were perfect angels today.  It was warm so we played outside almost the whole time.  We played on the playground for a while and then walked down to the small pond that's just down the road from the baby house.  When were standing at the top of the steep hill leading down to the point it all seemed like such a great idea.  Unfortunately though Maggie got scared and nervous about being in a strange place and wanted to be carried.  Steep hill going down -- fine.  Steep hill coming up, carrying a 4-year-old -- less fine.  Let's just say I got my exercise for the day.  As Kent says, I may not need that gym membership when I get home!

When we got back to the baby house it was time for Ryn's lunch, but I still had a few minutes left that I could spend with Maggie.  We looked through the photo album, and it was the first time she'd actually been patient enough to go through it with me.  I was so excited to hear her actually try to say all of our names.  She's very, very shy, and she's never been willing to even try any of them before now.  I was so proud of her!  Of course, it could take a little practice because right now ZhaZha Kent and Luke are the only easy names for her.  Right now we've got Dae Dae (said in a reverent tone), Mimki, Topter, ZhaZha Kent, Tuata Amy (which flows better than you'd think), Abkie or Kabbie or sometimes just Ab, Luke (loudly!), and Lantone.  She said Angie once and I think she tried Peg, but I may just be trying real hard to make that be something she said.  It really sounded a little more like Pip -- which, now that I think of it, could've actually been Rich.  Who knows?  I didn't even try her on Opie Ta Ta or Wendy Pooh.  That just seemed a little over the top for her first day of learning to say some of the names of so many of the folks who already love these girls.

While we were sitting there I asked Azel to ask her if she wanted to come to America to live with me in my home.  She looked at me over her cup with a tiny smile and very, very softly said "da."  Never fails... at least once a day something sweet happens to remind me of what a wonderful gift these little girls are to me!