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October 16, 2006

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

Today I lived an honest-to-goodness nightmare.  I had been moving along under
the assumption that I would be traveling to Kazakhstan this coming Saturday and
returning the following Saturday.  I was only halfway right… I will be returning
next Saturday (which will be two Saturdays for us, but no need to get into all
that).  Unfortunately, I misunderstood the first part of that.  I’m not supposed
to be traveling to Almaty on Saturday… I’m supposed to be getting there on
Saturday.  Big difference.  That whole time change thing is really about to mess
me up!  I finally thought I had everything worked out, but when I was on my way
to Abbie’s birthday party tonight Cathryn called (by the way – Happy Birthday
Abbie!!)  She just caught my mess up.  If I don’t ARRIVE on Saturday, I’ll miss
all my appointments and they’re not real sure when they can fit me in again. 
Know what that means?  If I don’t fix this mess, they don’t know when I’ll be
able to get my girls.  Maybe by the end of the year?  Maybe not?  Puts a whole
different panic spin on it, doesn’t it?

I’ve left a “Dear God – HELP ME!!!”  message – not just to God but to the guy at
the travel agency too.  I’m thinking that between them they can work this mess
out.  If God brought me this far in the journey to my girls, that whole time
warp thing is just a minor hitch in the hiccup.  I have no idea what that means…
It’s just something my Daddy used to say, and it seemed to fit this particular