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October 18, 2006

Ooh… I think I like this shower thing!!

This afternoon I experienced my very first baby shower as the guest of honor.  I
can’t even begin to tell you how weird that felt.  I was just grateful out of my
very mind that I wasn’t expected to wrap myself in toilet paper or attach
Pampers to a moving dog with paper clips – or any other of those bizarre little
games people sometimes play at showers.  My shower, on the other hand, was
AWESOME!!  Susan Fox and her Mom, Mrs. Bobbie, put together a gorgeous party
with lots of great food – which I’ve decided is exactly what it takes to turn a
nice shower into a wonderful shower.  Of course, all the cool presents didn’t
hurt either!

Last night I thought I had finished my packing for the girls.  I’d thought
through my list and re-thought it and thought about another time after that. 
I’d organized outfits by days of the week and by which appointment was which day
and where we’d be and so on and so on…  It was a very full but reasonably
organized suitcase.  I was very proud of myself.  Of course, now I have to start
all over! 

The girls got some of the most adorable outfits today and new shoes
(hallelujah!!) and lots of PJs.  Good thing.  Talk about a shortsighted Mommy. 
I had ordered them each two sets of pajamas, both of which were those huge,
furry, footed one-piece things.  I’ve been warned that with the heat going in
Kaz now about half the time the rooms feel like saunas.  With that in mind, I
think the “baby bear preparing to hibernate” jammies are going to be a little
overkill.  The softer, lighter jammies are exactly what they need.

I think my very favorite thing I got for the girls today though was the princess
towel sets from my sweet Ms. Irene.  I’m so worried about bath time with the
girls.  What if they hate getting a bath (though the thought “too bad” comes to
mind…), or what if they’re scared out of their minds?  When you wrap a child in
these towels it looks like they’re wearing a crown on their head and they’re
wrapped in pretty, fluffy royal robes.  I can especially imagine Maggie loving
that!  Those towels may be my saving grace!

So, I’m beginning the re-packing process.  As much as I despise packing, it’s
going to be worth every minute to get to include all the cool new stuff the
girls got today.  Thanks gang!