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October 29, 2006

Jet Lag or Pure Shell Shock?

Today was a pretty low-key day, but mostly because I think we’re all too tired to get much excited about anything.  When we got home last night I discovered that I did actually have food at my house.  How cool is that?  My sister-in-law Amy had anticipated that, after being gone for most of the past two months, my freezer and pantry might be pretty pathetic (she was right.)  She decided to give me the ultimate shower gift!  She loaded a box full of basic supplies any new Mom needs to be able to feed her kids, and then she went one better.  She also filled my freezer with casseroles that we could just heat up and eat.  The only downside to all that is I’m worried my kids are going to get used to eating like that and learn to expect it.  Sorry babies.  Mommy doesn’t cook anywhere near that well!

After a laid back day we ended up going to Toppy’s house tonight for Landon’s birthday party.  Now I’m starting to get worried that my poor children aren’t going to know where they live.  Still, I’m so glad we went.  For the first few minutes Maggie was so shy that she wouldn’t take her face out of my shoulder.  Ryn, who left to her own devices would be instant friends with anybody and everybody, watched Maggie for clues as to how she should be handling all this new stuff.  She tried the shy thing for about 15 minutes, but then Abbie was down in the floor playing with her and she just couldn’t help herself.  She was ready to go!

Maggie stayed shy through most of dinner, but by the time Landon was ready to start opening presents she started to remember that she had actually seen these folks somewhere before and maybe this would be okay.  Once the ice started thawing, it was time to start having some fun.

Luke has some kind of video game that plays dance music, and since he knows that Landon loves music he started the tunes.  What he didn’t know is how much Maggie and Ryn love music too.  The next thing you know Luke, Maggie, Landon and Ryn were having a dance-off right there in Luke’s bedroom.  They were having so much fun!  Then the wildness really began.  All the kids started running through Cathy’s house like crazy, chasing each other and playing dog pile in the middle of her den.  It was SO noisy, but wonderful.  We were all just standing there watching them, remembering how much fun we always had with all our cousins when we were growing up.  Yep – this is exactly what I want for my girls.  It was definitely a good first full day home.

Maggie still being a little shy

  Don’t mess with my Cheetos

                                                Happy Birthday Landon!

    Here’s our birthday boy

Oh yeah – Landon’s got the cool toys!