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September 17, 2006

It’s a miracle!

Overall today was a good day for both of the girls, but it was a great day for ZhaZha Dae Dae.  Today was the first day that Ryn-Alina actually let him hold her.  She’d been gradually getting better about him sitting closer to her and was definitely okay with him if he was handing her cookies, but this was the first day she actually let him pick her up.  She was even okay for a minute when I left the room to take Maggie-Vera to the potty.  Dae Dae was rolling the ball to her, so I’m not even totally sure she knew I was gone until I got back.  He was so excited that he made me take lots of pictures!

                                                       Friends -- finally!

Today when I picked Maggie-Vera up from her classroom, her caregiver told me that she had shown everybody all the pictures in her photo album, but now she’s decided that Luke and Landon are her brothers.  Everyone else is either an aunt or an uncle, but Luke and Landon are her favorites.  Since we have pictures of Landon with nya-nya (his pacifier), she told them that when he drops his paci she’s going to be the one to pick it up for him.  She takes this big sister thing very seriously! 

                                                      That's my big girl!

I’ve been hearing stories from the caregivers about how Maggie-Vera acts when we’re not there, and they say she’s really very excited that we’re here and she’s thrilled to have a new Mommy – in fact, she’s a little cocky about it!  I hadn’t been all that sure, though, about if Ryn-Alina understood anything about me being her Mommy or any part of the new family thing.  When it was time for her lunch today I went into the classroom with her for a few minutes.  Normally she’s so excited to be back with her friends that she ignores me completely once she’s with them.  Most days they all meet me at the door and I try to say hi to each of them and give them little hugs if they come up to me.  Today though when the children were coming up to me Ryn got very upset.  She ran back to me and started pushing the other children away.  I’ve never seen the jealous side of her before.  Even while I was telling her “nyet, nyet” and trying to show her that I could hug her and still be nice to the other kids, I was secretly a little tickled that she was starting to get a little possessive.  That’s not very nice, is it?  Still, I wanted to cry when she was yelling at them that I was her Mama!  There I go again… just a puddle of goo.